Do not care about children crying

Do not care about children crying

Parents are always tempted to give in to their child’s unreasonable demands in order to calm down. This is the worst way to treat a child.

Pay attention to the unreasonable cries of children

Some parents give the baby whatever he wants when he cries. This method is completely wrong, because when he grows up and becomes dependent on his parents, and this makes him nervous and overwhelmed in adulthood.

Do not care about children crying

Crying baby Ann

Excessive attention to children causes them to lose their sense of independence in adulthood and become heavily dependent on family, relatives, and others.

Studies show that paying attention to a baby’s crying makes them irresponsible and aggressive in the future.
Paying too much attention is only acceptable until 9 months of age, after which you should allow your own children to ask you for advice on their work.

Also, parents, especially mothers, should set aside hours a day to talk only to the child, especially their baby.
This makes them feel relaxed and aware that there are people around them who support them. This process removes the feeling of anxiety and stress from them.

Do not care about children crying

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