Do headphones cause hearing loss in children?

Do headphones cause hearing loss in children?

Headphones that produce the worst sound and after testing have been found to be very loud can damage children’s hearing within minutes.



Does children’s hearing impair with headphones?

While children enjoy everything that makes noise to them, in whatever form and situation, most parents have at least one set of headphone protectors at home. Unfortunately, the latest reports in this area show that half of the 30 series of children’s headphones tested failed to reduce the sound to a reliable, safe, and secure level, affecting children’s hearing. So when your eyes calm down to the sound of your baby’s headphones, your baby’s ears may not be so calm.

Keep in mind that headphones that produce the worst sound, and after testing it is found that the sound they produce is very loud, can damage the ear within minutes. “Headphone manufacturers have no interest in children’s ear health,” says Dr. Blake Papsin. They just want their product to sell. “And some of them are not good for you (or your child) at all.”

One of the main problems here is that there is no necessary standard to limit the maximum sound output for the hearing aids or headphones that are sold, so manufacturers do not violate any rules or regulations.


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The effect of headphones on children’s ears

Here are some tips to help prevent damage to your child’s ears:
Try not to get more than 60 percent of the volume.

Encourage your child to pick up the headphones every hour and rest the sensory receptors in his or her inner ear.
Make sure your child can still hear what you are saying from a short distance away when he or she is wearing headphones.

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