What are the developmental stages of a child up to 3 years old?

Many people do not know what a child’s development should be like from birth to infancy, and what exactly their height, weight, and speaking time will be, and they often compare their child to other children in this area.



Child growth up to 3 years old

One of the most obvious and significant changes in the first year of life is the physical development of the child. The first year of life is a time of amazing change in which babies grow taller and weigh three times as much as they were born.

It is enough that according to the growth curve and what he has heard from other mothers, his baby does not grow and move forward, anxiety pervades his whole being, otherwise, his baby will have a physical problem and is not healthy; A concern that many young and inexperienced mothers experience. To address many unnecessary worries, refer to the opinion of Dr. Fatemeh Ghasemzadeh, a child psychologist and university lecturer, about speaking time, and the opinion of Dr. Ali Rabbani, a pediatrician, and professor at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, about the child’s development in different months. We asked. You can read their description below.

How many kilos is enough?

Babies may lose some weight in the days after birth, which is about 10% of the birth weight, which is not a concern for parents as it returns within two weeks after birth. The lost weight returns to normal and the weight that the baby gains during this period should not be less than the weight that he had at birth. At the same time in the first trimester on average and daily should be between 20 to 30 grams per day of weight gain.

3 years old

The baby growth rate in the first months

How far is his head?

In the first year, the baby’s head should grow one centimeter per month, which is a little more than a centimeter in the first trimester and a little less than a centimeter in the last months. Head growth is actually a growth chart of the cerebral cortex; That is, the development of the head circumference requires the growth of the cortex, and if the cortex grows well, the baby’s head circumference will also grow well.

How many cents?

The baby grows 25 cm in height in the first year, which is divided by the number of months. Of course, it should be noted that the child’s height growth is not the same every month, and in the first five, six months of life, children both grow faster and gain more weight. Their head circumference also grows more than the second six months. In the second six months of the first year of life, the growth rate of children decreases and in the second year about 12 cm is added to their height.

Is it time to sit down?

A baby about six months old should be able to sit and roll. At about one year old, he should be able to stand and walk two steps. Of course, all of these times are general, and the baby may roll over at four or eight months. The sooner the developmental criteria, which include the same mental and motor capacities, occur, the more the child will develop.

An important issue in assessing growth and development is to compare the child with the previous visit, how much he has progressed over time compared to the previous round, and how much his growth standards have improved.

What if he got late?

From about two months of age, the baby should be able to chase and grasp objects; That is, when the mother holds the baby with both hands, the baby should be able to lift her head and hold her neck. From the age of three and a half to four months, he should be able to laugh and laugh.

When to speak?

Dr. Qasemzadeh explains: “Individual differences must be taken into account when talking to children. Although there is a general concept in the discussion of development and it is considered a general trend, but in the introduction, each child has his own song and will move forward according to it. According to this principle, if speaking means opening the tongue and saying the word, children born in recent years have broken many equations of the growth charts and we have seen that children go further. “And they have entered the stage of language development, and even at the age of seven months, they have uttered words.”

3 years old

Child growth rate up to 3 years old

“According to the growth chart, the time for children to open their mouths is 9 months, and we expect them to be able to utter simple words like mom, dad, bread at this age, but these days we are against it,” he says. We see. The reason some children talk so fast is that they have more opportunities than before, they have more toys, and at the same time, their parents work with them more. All of this goes hand in hand to help today’s children open up and speak better than others.

Are the girls ahead?

In general, both girls and boys should be able to speak by the age of three, but if in this age group they say a sentence or answer simple questions, parents should consult a speech therapist because many of the children’s speech problems are related to It is a matter of speech therapy as well as emotional issues. If there are no emotional or cognitive problems, it is better to see a psychologist solve the problem.

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