Delivery under anesthesia?

Which is better, delivery under anesthesia? Which is less complicated? Which method of delivery is less dangerous for the baby and the mother? What are the advantages and disadvantages of delivery with spinal anesthesia and cesarean section?



Investigating the differences between childbirth and anesthesia

Which should I choose to  give birth under anesthesia or cesarean section ? A common question for pregnant women in late pregnancy and as the day of delivery approaches is that the health of the baby and mother should be considered in this issue.

Cesarean section usually uses spinal or spinal anesthesia, so the decision is with the anesthesiologist. Of course, sometimes the anesthesia method is chosen according to the opinion of the surgeon or even the patient.


Advantages and disadvantages of delivery with spinal anesthesia or cesarean section

In general, each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, general anesthesia in a small percentage of substances can be associated with nausea and vomiting, so the patient should be monitored and controlled for several hours, but for For example, if a complication such as bleeding occurs during the operation, it is easier to control it under general anesthesia.

The method of delivery with spinal anesthesia is that the patient is aware of the environment, time and place. He walks sooner after the operation and some postoperative complications are less likely to occur, so there are certain selection criteria for using each of these methods. And it can not be said that one method is superior to another.

It is noteworthy that the use of spinal anesthesia in cesarean section is effective in promoting the health of the baby.

Drugs used for anesthesia affect the heart and arteries, that is, they weaken the cardiovascular system, and if this precaution is not taken in a patient who has had a heart attack , this problem will multiply.

The results of a study show that the first minute Apgar score of infants whose mothers underwent spinal anesthesia was higher than infants whose mothers underwent general anesthesia.

General anesthesia and spinal anesthesia are methods of causing analgesia in cesarean delivery; However, since almost all anesthetics have a debilitating effect on the central nervous system and cross the placenta due to their pharmacological properties, they can cause neonatal depression.


The best way to give birth

Apgar is a simple and effective way to assess a baby’s health and whether the baby needs immediate treatment. This assessment includes examining the baby’s heart rate , respiration, muscle stiffness, neonatal reflexes, and skin color in the first and fifth minutes after birth.

Researchers researching the benefits and disadvantages of anesthesia delivery have found that the first-minute Apgar score of infants born with spinal anesthesia is higher than that of infants whose mothers received general anesthesia, and therefore Recommend the use of this method.

The results of studies show that in the method of spinal anesthesia, less medicine reaches both the mother and the fetus . According to the results of this research, the use of spinal anesthesia in addition to reducing complications during the operation for the mother, also has favorable effects such as reducing pulmonary embolism, short time to breastfeeding, reducing postoperative bleeding.

Spinal anesthesia is more suitable for women who give birth by cesarean section and does not carry the risk of paralysis and subsequent problems.

Spinal anesthesia is used for patients who need intra-abdominal surgery, uterine surgery, gallbladder surgery, cesarean section, and lower leg and lower extremity surgery.

Patients are selected based on the underlying disease, such as heart disease, and then anesthesia is determined depending on the duration and type of operation.

In spinal or anesthesia delivery, there is no risk of gastric secretions entering the lungs.


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