Dear parents, this advice is no longer useful for children!

You want to raise a successful, independent, and confident child, but you unknowingly give destructive advice, so put it aside, because, with these words, your efforts will have the opposite result.



The advice you give your child should change:

As parents, you want all your words and behaviors to have the best impact and result on your child’s future, so you use the best advice from your parents that has been passed down to you from generation to generation, but it is better to be a little more meticulous. Be aware that today, due to the behavioral differences in your child, the nature of your advice should be up to date and appropriate, so put aside some old advice and start again.

Parents’ mistakes in child counseling

1- Do not lie about death:

It is not right at all to tell your child that someone is dead and you are hiding the fact of death from him. From an early age, a child should know that death is a truth for all human beings in the world. When you say that the dead person is asleep, the child waits for a long time for the person to wake up, but when this awakening lasts too long and does not occur at all, a fear of sleep is formed in the child’s mind, lest he falls asleep again. Do not wake up.


2- Ignoring bullies is the best approach:


Advising the child on dealing with bullying at school and in the community

If a child does not stand up to children who are bullied, he can never protect himself in adulthood. So when your child talks to you about being bullied by others, never tell him to ignore these behaviors, but he should stand up to these ugly behaviors in the right way.


3. Do not give nicknames to sexual organs:

One of the big mistakes parents make in this regard is to use nicknames for their children’s organs. A NAEYC expert warned that the best way is to say the child’s first name in a very respectful tone from the beginning because suddenly changing your child’s name will create negative curiosity in his mind.


4- They mistreat you because they are jealous of you !:

Do not say that you have never said this sentence to your child, unfortunately, you have said this sentence unintentionally to calm your child’s grief after a fight with one of his friends, but from now on, never create this belief in the child’s mind because You create the mentality of hatred of others in him.


 5. To say that you are a genius may not be good:


Principles of child counseling for raising a successful and independent child

Instead of increasing curiosity and a sense of effort in him, by saying this sentence, of course, you always make him believe that he is capable and everything is over, and he will not go on to continue learning, etc., with the initial enthusiasm…


6- Food should not remain on the plate!

We have always been told that keeping some food on a plate is rude and disrespectful, but you should not give this advice to your child and let him eat freely and happily as much as he wants. You can be sure that you will see positive results from this behavior.


7- A polite child must hug others to say goodbye:

Please do not force your child to hug and kiss family and relatives. In fact, this behavior and your advice is one of the most destructive pieces of advice for the formation of emotional relationships of the child, which over time will cause him to move away from the true ways of expressing love.


8- Strangers are dangerous!

The fact that the child should not trust anyone is one side of the story of upbringing and that you constantly say do not talk to strangers, do not approach strangers, etc. The child’s social relationships and the ability to recognize him in communicating with people other than his family members Make it hard.

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