Dealing with the child’s sexual rudeness

Your child’s rudeness has embarrassed and embarrassed you. You do not know what to do when a child pulls down his pants. Another point is whether we need to teach the child to swear or not?



What to do with the child’s rudeness?

Question: What is the correct way to treat a child in relation to the penis when, for example, he says look? What should we blame? Laugh? Be indifferent? My husband’s family believes that children should be taught bad words and swearing. When a child grows up, he will not say any more.

Response: These behaviors are the basis of sexual and social perversions. Parents who are concerned about their child’s interests and do not want him to be a clown to others, consider their child’s interests very decisively and provide conditions that do not cause their child’s moral principles to be harmed.


The correct way of dealing with the child’s rudeness

Now you have to teach your child to cover parts of his body from the eyes of others, if he does, his gay parent should immediately take him to another room and explain to him, no one does this, others Express mild dissatisfaction by turning away from him.

As for bad words, it is better for them to teach poetry and literature instead, you are a mother and you should not have these teachings and take a stand against the rudeness that is taught to her, this is your position that means education.

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