Dangers lurking in your daughter

Part of raising and caring for a child ends in protection when a child or adolescent must be protected from accidents. Rape and theft are part of the clarity of the dangers of the girls’ world.



Girl dangers and protection of little girls

I remember the older parents had a special sensitivity to girls in some cases. Not to play with boys or to be alone with a young boy or man. I could not digest this control then and I thought the behaviors were too strict, but today the story has taken on a different color.

Caring for girls against social dangers

Do not wear gold or jewelry to your children and teens unless you are very careful.

In a society where addicts, the unemployed, and professional criminals can pass us by at any moment, why should we put ourselves and our loved ones in danger ?!
“Girls are at risk.” This is what happens from time to time: A few days ago, a 6-year-old girl in Varamin fell victim to a teenager’s sexual lust and then was killed. It was then reported from Neyriz Fars that a 43-year-old man had abducted another 6-year-old girl and killed her after stealing her earrings and burying her in the deserts around the city. The value of the earrings was only 255 thousand tomans. These two disasters are not the only ones like this, and a brief search of the news archive shows that girls are more at risk than others.

Take care of the girl against dangers

Here are some very, very important points:
1 – Take care of your children personally, and wherever we are not, we can be 100% sure of the health of the environment. Complete trust and blindfolded others are never wise. In the story of Neyriz, the killer was the neighbor of an innocent little girl. Even recently, there was news that a teacher had assaulted children.
2. In criminology, it is said that if a crime occurs, in addition to the crime of the perpetrator, sometimes the victim himself also prepares the crime against himself. For example, if someone puts a lot of banknotes or gold in a clear plastic bag, walks in the street and someone steals the bag, the loser is also to blame, although he is not legally responsible and does not give a reduction in the punishment of the offender. Be.
Therefore, parents and other guardians of children, especially girls – from childhood to the end of adolescence – should not commit crimes against children and adolescents.
Although parents like their daughters to be adorned with jewelry, the fact is that in many cases, including in this case, even the most insignificant jewelry such as a pair of children’s earrings can be a source of crime.
Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do not expose your children and adolescents to jewelry unless you are fully aware of it. Even if you use jewelry yourself, do not display it in public places, because it has happened a lot that many people have been beheaded and run away, and in addition to financial losses, they have also suffered physical injuries.
In a society where addicts, the unemployed, and professional criminals can pass us by at any moment, why should we put ourselves and our loved ones in danger ?!
3 – Provide our children with the necessary training and warnings to protect ourselves and do not wait for formal education, school, media, etc., and know that no one but ourselves will seriously think about us and our children Was.
4 – If distrust of others is general advice, serious pessimism to addicts is a strong recommendation. There were some rumors that an addicted uncle raped his sister’s 5-year-old daughter. Addicts, especially those addicted to industrial narcotics, although inherently good human beings, sometimes have no control over their actions and commit the most heinous crimes.
5 – At the beginning of this article we wrote that girls are at risk. This emphasis is due to their greater vulnerability to boys, otherwise, we should not forget that boys are also exposed to all kinds of dangers, and there are many boys of innocent children who have fallen victim to the lusts of others.
Taking care of children in this time has become very difficult in the past and the days passed when children and teenagers were in the dormitory from morning to night and dreams were comfortable; We must take care of our children, they are in danger.

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