The dangerous result of long kindergarten hours

The dangerous result of long kindergarten hours

Kindergartens and specialist nurses, who have often taken child psychology courses, are part of our children’s lives these days without realizing the negative effects of excessive hours of attendance.


Negative effects on their children too much time with nurses and kindergarten can spend

Children who spend most of their time in kindergarten become shy in the long run. Studies show that children in daycare are three times more stressed than children who are kept at home. Children who grow up with parents are more relaxed than those who grow up without parents, and according to studies of saliva and cortisol, children who are in daycare for more than eight hours are more anxious.

This is due to the lack of parents and quarrels between other children. Childhood stress causes shyness and lack of self-control. But the good news for working parents is that they spend a lot of time together.

The relationship between stress and shyness of children with being in kindergarten too much

Research conducted by the University of Norway between 112 people aged 1 to 18 years shows that people who are not social and do not have the skills to speak suffer from childhood stress. They lost their parents and it is difficult for them to spend the day alone or with a nurse.


Increasing children’s stress in kindergarten

Parents alleviate their children’s stress by spending time with their children. Parents should eat with them and read books to make up for their shortcomings.

Cortisol peaks after 30 minutes of walking and decreases during the day and night. “The stress levels of children who are with a nurse are higher, but they are constant when they are at home,” said Professor Dagley.

After 8 hours of work, it is normal for parents to have high levels of stress, but the researchers found that children’s stress levels are higher in larger communities, and characteristics such as shyness, poor self-control, and negative emotions among children raised by a nurse. Occurs with elevated cortisol.

Parents’ feelings play an important role in balancing the feelings of toddlers after nursing care.

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