Consequences and dangers of shaking the baby violently


Shaking the baby violently is very dangerous!

Many parents use the shaking method to calm their baby when he cries and is restless so that they can stop the baby from crying, but remember that you should never shake your baby too much because This can cause severe brain damage and in the worst case can be fatal.

shaking the baby

Since every parent wants the best for their child or children, we want to remind you in this article that not following them can be detrimental to the health and even the life of the baby. Babies are small and very sensitive creatures and therefore, you should pay special attention to their care. For example, you should never throw babies in the air, as this can be very dangerous or even deadly.

shaking the baby

Shaking the baby violently

Remember to never shake your baby too hard, as this can cause
severe brain damage and at worst can be fatal. In addition, shaking the baby can lead to
permanent disabilities.

The reason you should never shake your baby violently is that his brain is very vulnerable and his neck muscles are not strong. As a result, when you make sudden, intense movements that you cannot control, these conditions can cause the baby’s brain to hit the walls of the skull, which can cause blood vessels to rupture and blood to collect in the brain. These conditions can cause irreversible damage and, in the worst case, can lead to the death of the baby.

Shaking the baby violently
This syndrome is known as “infant shaking syndrome” and usually affects children under 5 years of age. Conditions that may occur as a result of this attack include:

– Learning and behavioral disabilities

– Convulsions

– Brain damage

– Cerebral Palsy

– Blindness

– Paralysis

– Death

People can make big mistakes when calming their baby. They tend to shake the baby, but as mentioned, this can have serious side effects. Unfortunately, today there are many reports of child abuse and improper care.

Never shake your baby violently

Also, you have probably seen parents throw their child in the air as part of a game and then catch him, which may not seem problematic at first glance, but it can have dire consequences.

Signs and symptoms that may be formed by shaking the baby include the following:

– Convulsions

– Decreased appetite

Pupil dilation

Nutritional problems

– Excessive irritability

– Lethargy

– Muscle strain

– Difficulty breathing

– Vomit

Bleeding spots in the eyes

See your doctor right away if you have any of the above symptoms in your baby. Prompt and appropriate medical care can save a baby’s life.

Here are some tips for parents who feel they are losing control due to their baby’s unrest:

1- Take a deep breath and count to 10.

2. Let your baby cry.

3. Talk to another person for emotional support.

See your pediatrician make sure your baby is not crying because of a specific illness.

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