Parents’ concerns about their children’s precocious puberty

Parents’ concerns about their children’s precocious puberty

precocious puberty is a problem that many parents face in today’s world, and it means that the symptoms of puberty appear at a very young age.


precocious puberty of girls and worries of mothers

We live in a world where we are undergoing many changes; Developments that, at least in recent decades, have not been so rapid or less visible. Doctors believe that some of these changes can lead to premature puberty in children; This is a serious concern for many parents.

The little girl, completely healthy and without any worrying symptoms, takes herself to the doctor to be checked so that she does not have any disease, lest she reach premature puberty, lest she be deprived of other mothers and they think that she does not care about her child.

It remains to be seen what will happen to the mental health of this 8-year-old girl. The mother’s anxiety and wrong decision make the child anxious and his worries affect all aspects of life, including nutrition, sleep, and even schooling. Now the child really needs medical treatment and gets sick following our wrong decision.

Let me tell you a little more about this. I agree that you are worried about your child and want him to be diagnosed and treated sooner if he has a particular problem, but let us know what the experts think about this;

A pediatric endocrinologist and pediatric psychiatrist can help you make the right decision. At the end of this article, you may come to the conclusion that you need to examine yourself and take action to treat anxiety and improve your mental health as soon as possible.

Lady doctor! Do you think unreasonable referrals just to check on children can harm their mental health?
Because children are in a period of development that is constantly experiencing unknown fears as well as fears of illness and the loss of health of themselves or their parents, in addition to living in imagination and dreaming and the world They have something special, if we are worried about something, it is better to get information about it and if necessary, take the child for examination.

A child who has a headachecoughs, or has an annoying symptom can easily come to you for treatment, but when he or she has no symptoms, take him or her to this office and that office, just to reduce the anxiety of you or your family. You hurt.

I visited a very anxious fourth grader a few days ago, who became ill due to having anxious and strict parents and these inappropriate examinations, and he has to be treated for anxiety.

The hot fever of precocious puberty and the fact that it can impair the height growth of children has caused parents of children, especially 8-9-year-old girls, to take to the doctor for imaging and other endocrine examinations. What is your advice to these parents?

I really want to warn children not to play with their physical and mental health. Children face all kinds of fears during their developmental periods.

Fears that come and go with the right management should not be due to obsessionEither our anxiety or our ignorance bother these children. After all, when you constantly mention puberty and take your child to the doctor, he thinks that puberty is a disease, while you have to tell him that puberty is also a developmental stage.

A very pleasant, normal, and natural stage that should happen like teething, walking, falling out the first teeth, entering school, etc. to show that you are healthy and you can become a healthy adult, become a parent…

precocious puberty

precocious puberty of children

Why do some parents look at puberty with this reaction and feel that an unpleasant incident is going to happen and they should be ready for battle?

Incidentally, I am also interested and in response to a group of anxious parents, I say go back and remember your experience. This period of puberty is not going to happen overnight and the growth changes are so subtle that the body easily adapts to it.

I remind them that before they became parents, it might have been hard for them to imagine hugging a small baby and caring for him. They felt they could not. They could not believe what the baby was crying about.

The phenomenon of milk reflex and the deep connection between mother and child was not understood before 6 months, but when they arrived, the body’s physiology progressed naturally and they saw how this stage became normal. Unfortunately, sometimes our anxious parents, through their misbehavior, allow the child to be abusive and aggressive and say, “Mrs. Doctor! ”

I think these nervousnesses are a sign of the beginning of his puberty problems!” What do you think can be expected from this child? Expectation other than that puberty means negative transformation, unpleasant and bitter experiences of loneliness, nervousness and …?

What is your proposed solution?
Every completely exclusive parent should be the first educator of their child to talk to them about sexual development and puberty and after realizing the signs of physical growth, breast growth, excess hair growth. And …

he has to give mental preparation and say happily, happily, just like the experience of growing and falling baby teeth, walking and … you are growing up little by little. Thank God I am glad that all the systems of your body are healthy. Gradually, internal organs such as your uterus, ovaries, and genitals (boys) grow and you notice them (you can answer and talk questions based on your baby’s needs and cognitive abilities).

Do some mothers and fathers say that we get anxious even thinking that we are going to talk about it?
It is enough to practice in front of the mirror a few times and see that their faces and body postures show tension and anxiety, or security and gratitude and satisfaction that their healthy child has grown up and goes to the next stage. Let’s start with the right time and with the right information because as much as giving information late is detrimental, disproportionate age-giving information is devastating and is a form of child abuse.

Parents who think that the child does not understand and that they have sex without respect in the presence of the child or watch pornographic videos and exchange inappropriate sexual photos and see the child, are in fact abusing the child and exposing their child to premature puberty. Put.

Soon, needs are formed in him that are not suitable for his age, and instead of the need to play, etc., he enters into certain intellectual concerns.

Do we have a certain age to give information about puberty?

No, it has to be completely individual. Like a child who goes through a developmental stage sooner or later, but the important thing is that through dialogue and answering sexual questions, the child from the age of 4-5 who learns the private body, on average and on occasion Complete the information. Look for opportunities to allow the curious child to ask questions.

You do not have to answer him point by point. Sometimes just listening is enough, and sometimes asking, “What do you know about it?” Correct and complete his information. Be positive.

For example, instead of saying, “You should not exercise during menstruation, you should not go to the bathroom and you should not …” Tell her: “Because the walls of the uterus make new cells, you should eat better food, eat healthier.

You want more moisture and better sleep to help your body.” Separate the bleeding issue from the injury and painful bleeding from the injury, and say that some dead cells are expelled, just like hair loss, useless hair falls out, and newer ones grow. Emphasize that not everyone is going to have pubertal changes at the age of 10 or 11. This age is different in people and maybe you are like me (your mother).

Do not let children feel different or sick. It is you who instills such thinking about nervousness and anger or low mood. You can tell kids that usually those who are unaware of these changes get confused and nervous. So it will not include you. Whatever the question, I’m here and if I do not know we will look for the answer together.

A few tips about precocious puberty

Puberty in girls begins with breast buds, followed by pubic hair and accelerated growth. Many mothers think that menstruation is the beginning of puberty, while menstruation is the last stage of puberty. Menstruation usually begins 2 to 2.5 years after the appearance of the breast bud, but this time may vary from 1 to 6 years. The duration of this time depends on the inheritance, obesity, and thinness of the child, etc.

Menstruation is the end of puberty but not the end of height growth. Growth usually continues for about 3 years after puberty. When the breast bud appears before the child is 7 years old, the issue of precocious puberty arises. Premature puberty is important because when it starts, the bone growth plates on either side of the long bones close prematurely, after which the baby’s growth will stop very slowly and very soon.

In fact, the child becomes short. Such children are physically slightly different from their peers. They may not be able to cope with the excitement of puberty easily, miss childhood and childish games, and develop psychosocial disorders. Unfortunately, some families’ excessive fear of premature puberty has led them to take normal children to the doctor.

It is normal to take a child for a health check and the onset of puberty, but sometimes parents insist that the puberty be stopped with medication so that the child has more opportunity to grow and become taller. This thinking is completely wrong. Various researches in the world have shown that if the natural process of sexual physiology of the body is stopped by medicine, not only the child will not grow taller, but also the final height will be damaged.

Medications slow down growth and the height jump returns to a pre-pubertal state. If the child shows signs of puberty before the age of 7, giving the drug can create a situation similar to normal puberty to normalize the child’s height, but in these cases, too, the drug is not easily prescribed to the child.

Such children should be monitored for 3 to 6 months and tests are requested because they can not always be confirmed with certainty. For example, a baby’s breast has been seen to germinate and regress after a while, or pubic hair grows, but there are no signs of other signs of puberty.

These are not signs of premature puberty and several signs should be together. The doctor should pay attention to whether the child has any type of precocious puberty.

Some girls may experience menstrual irregularities for several years after they start menstruating. It is wrong to prescribe estrogen-containing pills to regulate menstruation because it may cause the bone growth plates to close prematurely.

Another important issue is the use of estrogen cream in girls. This cream is prescribed for children who have burns and adhesions of the genital area due to urination.

It is not forbidden for children to prescribe this cream, but the important point is that estrogen cream should only be used 2-3 times, and sometimes the mother uses this cream by mistake for several months. The general rule is that premature puberty is more difficult to diagnose in boys than in girls.

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