Children’s eating habits at school, 10 steps to a delicious lunch

Research has shown that children whose lunches are healthy and nutritious foods have better mental activity and higher alertness and concentration. It is difficult to control children in eating and what they eat and what they do not eat and to understand which foods are healthier and more suitable for them.



Healthy food for children’s lunch at school

You are sitting in class and your stomach is starting to growl. Finally, it rings and it’s time for lunch .. bye! After all this time you are sitting in class, it is really your right to have a good lunch, relax a little and have fun with your friends at lunch. But wait a minute — what do you want to eat?

The more food you eat, the more control you have over the lunch you eat at school. You can choose to eat green beans in your food or throw them away. You can choose to eat apples instead of ice cream.

When it comes to choosing what to eat for lunch, it is important to make healthy choices. This is because: Eating a variety of foods gives you the energy you need to do all your work, helps you grow well, and prevents you from getting sick.

You should look at your school lunch through the eyes of the fuel you pour into the tank. If you do not choose a good fuel for yourself, you may run out of energy before the day is over. So what is the best fuel for kids? What does a good and healthy lunch look like? This question has many answers.

Buy or not buy

Most children have the choice of taking their lunch from home to school or buying lunch for themselves at school. Fortunately, with each of these ways, you can make a good and healthy lunch for yourself. But some of the dishes served in the school buffet are healthier than others, so you should be careful in your choice.

Research shows that the fat content of food given to children in schools is higher than normal. This does not mean that you should not go to school, it means that you have to choose more carefully from the buffet food. If you have a school restaurant lunch plan the day before, you can decide whether to eat it or not!

The food you eat at home is certainly not healthier than the food you buy at school. If you want chocolate cake and chips take a lunch place for yourself, you will not eat a healthy lunch at all. But if you have a good lunch at home, there is an advantage. When you prepare your lunch yourself, you can use the food you like. This lunch will be for you.

If you want to prepare and pack your lunch yourself, you may need a little help from your parents. Talk to them about what you like to eat so they can prepare those foods for you. One of your parents may tell you that he or she is preparing food for you. It does them a favor, but it’s good for you to look at them as well, to learn to do it yourself little by little. This shows that you are growing up.


10 steps to a delicious lunch

Whether you want to take your lunch home or buy it at school, you should follow these tips:

1. Choose fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are the best food choices. These ingredients make your plate more colorful and full of fiber and vitamins. You should eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, so you can eat one or two servings of it at lunch. The amount is not too much. One serving of carrots means half a cup or 6 small carrots.

2. Know the facts about fats. Kids need to use less fat in their diet to stay healthy — fats make you feel full — but you should not use too much. There is fat in butter, oils, cheese, nuts, and meat. Some high-fat foods include fried potatoes, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, pasta and cheese, and chicken nuggets.

If you like these foods, do not worry! No food is bad but you should eat less of it. Low-fat foods are usually either cooked or grilled. Some of the best low-fat foods are fruits, vegetables, and low-fat milk.

3. Eat lots of grains and legumes. Grains include bread, cereals, rice, and pasta, but the more we learn about healthy eating, the more we realize that whole grains are better than refined grains. What is the difference between them? One grain of whole brown rice and one grain of white rice. Wheat bread contains coconut grains but not 100% whole grain white bread.

4. Drink healthy drinks. You are sitting in class and your stomach is slowly starting to bloat. Finally, it rings and it’s time for lunch .. bye! After all this time you are sitting in class, it is really your right to have a good lunch, relax a little and have fun with your friends at lunch. But wait a minute — what do you want to eat? It’s not just what you eat that matters, it also matters what you drink. Milk has always been one of the best drinks. If you do not like milk, choose water. Of soda and juice Avoid abnormal.

5. Balance your lunch. A balanced lunch means foods that include all food groups: a little grains, a little fruit, a little vegetable, a little meat and protein, and a little dairy like milk and cheese. You should have such a lunch. If you do not have a variety of foods on your plate, it is not called a balanced lunch.

6. Avoid packaged snacks. Many schools sell high-quality snacks and chocolate and soft drinks. It does not matter if you eat these foods from time to time, but these should not be your lunch.

7. Eat a variety. Do you eat the same lunch every day? If this is a hot dog, it’s time to change your diet. You should not eat so much food that you get tired of it. You should also try new foods. Eating different foods provides your body with the necessary and different nutrients.

8. You do not have to eat all your food. Try to listen to your body. If you feel full, stop eating.

9. Behave appropriately. School buffets and restaurants often look like zoo meals. Be sure to follow the rules and principles your mom and dad taught you to eat: Chew with your mouth shut. Do not talk while eating. Use a spoon and fork properly. Put the handkerchief on your feet. Be polite and do not make fun of others.

10. Do not laugh while breastfeeding! Try not to tell funny jokes to your friends while they are breastfeeding, because if they laugh, milk will come out of their noses.

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