Children who fall victim to social media


Social networks and cyberspace destroy the child’s mind

Sometimes ignoring the facts destroys the future of our children, these are not slogans but facts that are proven by statistics and research. Almost all parents are aware of the dangers of cyberspace and the use of mobile phones and tablets for their children, but unfortunately, their lack of control over this issue will have many negative effects on their child’s mental and physical performance.


Disadvantages and side effects of using social networks and mobile for children

New studies on children’s use of social media and cyberspace have shown that children who spend more than three hours a day on social media are more likely to have mental health problems.


An official chart released by the British Statistics Center clearly shows that children who spend more than three hours in cyberspace are twice as likely as other children to have mental health problems. According to the chart, among children who do not interact with social networks and cyberspace during the day, only 12% have symptoms of mental illness, while this statistic is for children who spend three hours a day in cyberspace. They reach 27%. According to researchers, this group of children who spend more than three hours of their time in cyberspace is at risk of social and emotional development in real space.


Decrease the child’s abilities using cyberspace and social networks

According to statistics, about 8% of people who spend more than three hours a day in cyberspace and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram are between 10 and 15 years old. 56% of children use cyberspace for more than three hours, of which 11% are likely to suffer from mental health problems.


Meanwhile, statistics show that girls spend more time in cyberspace and web browsing than boys. In other words, one in 10 girls spends more than three hours of their time on social media, compared to one in 20 for boys.


 victim to social media

Statistics of the effects of social networks, mobile phones, and tablets on children

Reports suggest that social networks, on the one hand, provide an opportunity to socialize with others and build relationships, and on the other hand, have great potential for creating problems such as social comparison, virtual threats, and isolation.


Many of the psychological problems that are seen among school students these days stem from social media and even their uncontrollable content.


“In the modern world, children are so immersed in cyberspace that they not only lack understanding of themselves and their abilities but also the real world,” said Dr. Haley van Wanberg, a child, and adolescent psychiatrist. “They do not understand as they should, to the extent that some of them cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy.”

“Children are very confident in modern technology and do not realize the negative effects of the Internet. This space, in addition to the problems of depression, “Can easily affect children’s social skills such as listening, speaking correctly and empathizing with others.”


Regarding the destructive effects of the Internet on the psyche of children, he acknowledged: “Children send jokes and pictures to each other without properly communicating and listening to each other, regardless of the effects of words and messages that “They chat with each other in cyberspace, while these virtual conversations can lead to misconceptions and, as a result, psychological damage to the other party.”


 victim to social media

The dangers of social networking and cyberspace for kids

Previous studies by psychologists have shown that the more time children spend in front of the screen (TV and computer games), the more they will be exposed to stress, anxiety, and depression, and now new studies of the direct link between Kokan’s hours of fun. On the Internet and reports psychological and mental problems.


 victim to social media

Statistics on the decline of children’s mental ability using social networks

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