Raising children to be entrusted to their grandmother

Raising children to be entrusted to their grandmother

Consider these points in raising a child before entrusting the child to the grandparents.


Raising a child to entrust them to adults

The busyness of living and working outside the family forces many mothers to leave the care of their children during the day to grandparents. This has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, children will have better social relationships, but instead may be lazy or have a double upbringing.


Entrusting children to grandmothers for life jobs

Make time for your child

If you are one of the mothers who leave your child with your mother or mother-in-law during certain hours of the day, it is better to know and follow these points:

1- A major part of a child’s education is the responsibility of his parents. When you make grandparents responsible for caring for a child, you should ask them to help so that the child’s education process is not disrupted. In fact, ask them to spend some time with the child instead of just caring for him or her. For example, during the day, tell stories to children and read books, play with children and introduce them to colors, names, objects, etc. in the form of games.

2- Share your child’s educational issues with them. If your child has bad behavior and you are trying to get rid of it, talk to your grandparents about it. Share your training method with them and ask them to continue the same training method during the day and in your absence. This way, your child will not face dual parenting methods.

3- Grandparents are used to licking grandchildren. They give the child whatever he wants, and this is the biggest problem you will face. Ask them not to let your child do whatever he wants and not to give him anything he wants right away. Your child needs to learn that the rules are the same everywhere and that grandparents’ home is not their place to do whatever they want.


Losing grandchildren

4. Many grandparents prefer the child to be entertained with TV and computer during the day to be less mischievous. Ask them to arrange extracurricular activities for your child from time to time. For example, go shopping together, go for a walk or park together, or even go to the pool and swim together some days of the week.

5. The physical and mental abilities of grandparents are less. So be considerate of them and teach your child to be gentle with them, not to harass them, and not to expect them to do things that require a lot of energy.
6. When you go home, make time for your child. Play with him and do common tasks such as painting, cooking, nursery or school homework, and so on. In this way, help the child to have more fun with you and to drain some of his energy at home and with his mother.

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