Child fever and its control

Most mothers are very worried when their child has a fever. It is better to know the ways to control the fever and its subsequent care instead of worrying. here …



Methods of controlling child fever

Fever is one of the signs that the immune system is fighting infection. If the child’s body temperature rises suddenly, it is necessary to lower the body temperature. When your baby is asleep, be sure to watch over him or her, as the baby’s immune system is not yet fully developed and there is a possibility of physical injury.


Child fever

Tips for baby fever

If your body temperature rises above 38 ° C, be sure to call your pediatrician. You will probably need to wake the baby up at this time for a doctor to examine him. If your baby is 3 months old or younger, see your doctor before you suspect his or her body temperature may reach 38 degrees Celsius or higher.

Things to do to lower the fever:
To lower the body temperature, wash the baby’s feet with lukewarm water. If your child is shivering, get his or her foot out of the water. Shivering increases a child’s fever.

Wear fewer baby clothes, do not use blankets, and keep the room and home temperature balanced.
Under no circumstances should you give your child medicine, not even herbal medicine, without a doctor’s prescription. Fever pills are not recommended for children with a low fever. Fever tablets are prescribed to a child who has a fever of 38 ° C or higher.


Child fever

Do not give your child more than the prescribed amount if your doctor prescribes medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Because giving more medicine leads to serious complications such as kidney damage or even death of the child.

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