Cause of children talking in sleep and its treatment

Children’s talk in their sleep is mostly due to living in stressful situations that improve with age.

Root words slept in stress is

Talking in your sleep is a common occurrence that is more common in children. The root of sleep deprivation, like many other illnesses, is summed up in stress. Living in stressful situations makes it difficult for children to express themselves during the day. So they say this during their sleep at night.

Talking in sleep is different in different people and situations, but basically in deep sleep, ie stages 3 and 4 of sleep, it happens that a person speaks as if in a dream and acts only in acute cases such as waking up. Most people are unaware of what they are saying in their sleep and are even upset. Sometimes, in addition to talking, these people may move their arms and legs or even walk in their sleep. Sometimes they wake up anxious, but the next morning everything is forgotten.

Talking in your sleep is very harmless.
The cause of this problem is not yet fully understood, but it seems to be more common in people who are under stress or ill for other reasons. Talking in your sleep may be associated with night terrors in children and snoring in adults.

The reality of talking in a dream

Speaking or sounding during sleep without knowing it is known as talking in sleep. This is not an uncommon problem, especially in children. It is also called verbal sleep and can occur at any stage of the sleep cycle. There is also the fact that the lighter the sleep, the more intelligible the words. It has been said that in the early stages of sleep people may have full conversations, while in deeper sleep it is possible that these words Limit meaningless moans and words.

Most people who talk during sleep are unaware of this fact. Common causes of sleep apnea include anxiety, stress, and fever. In most cases, the disorder is not serious and can resolve over time or with age. Of course, it is sometimes associated with other sleep disorders, and this is the only time it can become serious. Social humiliation is often the most serious consequence of talking in a dream or a spoken dream because unwanted information is being expressed.

talking in sleep

Talking in your sleep is usually more stressful

It also sometimes interferes with the sleep of the sufferer or the person sleeping next to him in such situations that should be considered the most.

“Usually children who are stressed and anxious during the day talk in their sleep at night.”

“Children who live in stressful families and are anxious or unable to talk to their parents during the day and express what is going on in their minds may be at night because,” said one expert. “The pressure of this stress and anxiety and not talking in a dream.”

He also considered the parents’ behavior with the child before going to bed to be effective in causing this problem and said: “Parents who try every night by saying things like” You will wake up late tomorrow “,” If you stay asleep, I will. “I have nothing to do” and … they encourage the child to sleep, they should know that saying the same sentences may cause stress in the child and eventually his speech in sleep because the child’s mind is involved in the issue of not waking up later in the morning. »

He said that one of the effective solutions to this problem is to reduce stress and listen to the child during the day and continued: “Parents should help their child to speak and evacuate during the day and also less stress during the day. Experience and feel relaxed because anxiety and stress manifest in sleep. “If they feel their child is anxious, hold his hand and talk to him briefly before going to bed.”

“Parents should not force their children to go to bed,” he said, referring to the effect of the story on calming the child’s mind and other effective solutions to the problem. They should also read the story to the child before going to bed and ask questions from the text so that the story plays a role in the child’s mind, so that the child’s mind calms down and sleeps easily, and no longer suffers from tension. “After the story, the child should be asked to take 8 deep breaths and sleep.”

Decreased sleep talking

– Reduce stress levels as much as possible

– Avoid eating a heavy meal before


– Follow a proper sleep routine – Get proper rest because lack of sleep increases the complication of speech sleep.

It is recommended that you do not try to wake the person at once when he is talking in his sleep. This confuses and confuses the mind. It is generally believed that more than 50% of children and approximately 5% of adults speak in their sleep. So there is nothing to worry about. But if a person experiences violent behavior or screaming while sleeping, it is best to consult a doctor immediately.

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