Beware of the effects of inflating a balloon with your child

Bursting a balloon can make a louder sound than firing a shotgun, and may damage your hearing.


The negative effect of balloon burst on children’s hearing

It is better to be careful about the effects of bursting a balloon next to your child. This can cause a lot of damage to their hearing. The sound caused by bursting a balloon has many effects on your health. Pay more attention to medical advice in this regard.

New research suggests that popping baby balloons may cause hearing loss.
This Canadian study showed that bursting a balloon can make a louder sound than a shotgun and may damage your hearing.

“Every loud noise has a potential lifelong impact,” said lead author Bill Hodges, an assistant professor of phonology at the University of Alberta.



Effects of bursting a balloon on children’s hearing


His team measured the sound of a balloon bursting in three different ways: bursting with a needle, inflating to the point of bursting, and squeezing the balloon to the point of bursting.
The loudest sound was when the balloon inflated too much. According to researchers, this sound was 168 decibels more than the sound of a shotgun.
According to the Canadian Center for Occupational Safety and Health, the maximum instantaneous noise should not exceed 140 decibels. Although the study failed to prove that bursting a balloon reduced hearing, the researchers said that just one contact with a sound greater than 140 decibels could damage a child’s or adult’s hearing.



Effects of bursting a balloon on children’s hearing

“We are not saying do not play with balloons,” Hodges said. Just be careful not to burst them. “We want people to be aware of hearing loss throughout their lives because no hearing aid is as good as the ear itself.”

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