Being with a mother makes her child smarter

Being with a mother makes her child smarter

To have a smart child, it is enough for mothers to spend only 30 minutes a day with their child, reading books, drawing, or walking with him.


Having a smart child by being with him for 30 minutes

All parents aspire to have an intelligent child and want their child to have high intelligence in all areas. Different conditions are involved in raising a child, but today’s machine life with its many worries has deprived many children of natural blessings that can contribute to increasing their intelligence.

They do not have all the responsibilities of motherhood or fatherhood. When you have a baby, you will subconsciously find many tasks. In addition to feeding, washing clothes, caring regularly, enduring the baby’s crying and restlessness in 24 hours, and reading a thousand times the stories that your child loves, you should think about having enough money and income to live, prepare food, beautiful clothes and other necessary and unnecessary expenses that will make your child happy.

Your goal in making all these investments is to make a big profit, and it is nothing but a loving, competent, and healthy child who loves you and appreciates your love. Of course, it would be better if your loving, loving, and healthy child is an intelligent person or even a genius.
Although in the past it was thought that intelligence is a factor determined only by genetics, today scientists believe that the environment in which your child grows up and the person who raises the child plays a very important role in determining the level of intelligence. They have a child. In fact, parents can help a lot to make their child smarter.

Today’s living conditions are such that many mothers have to spend long hours outside the home and not be with their children. A process from which there seems to be no escape; But what effect does such an event have on the child? What role does being a mother with her child play in her physical development and spiritual excellence?


Playing mother with the child increases the child’s intelligence

Most of us know that children who grow up with their mother and spend more time with them during the day are more physically healthy, But we may not be aware of the tremendous impact this has on their brains. According to the latest research, children who spend time with their mothers during the day have a higher IQ than others.


Accordingly, it is sufficient for mothers to devote only 30 minutes a day to their child; Read books with him, draw, walk with him or even ask him to help with household chores. This short period is enough to strengthen the cognitive powers of children. An event that has a special occurrence and manifestation in children aged three to seven years. Doing such activities on the one hand will improve the child’s academic performance in the future and on the other hand will increase his teamwork skills.

It may seem that doing so is not in keeping with today’s fast-paced living conditions, But the fact is that half an hour a day does not take much time from you; 30 minutes that can guarantee your child’s better future.

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