Bad feeding habits that make the child anorexic

Feeding the baby is important and should be done with enough care and importance so as not to lead to anorexia in the baby.


Important principles about feeding a baby

Feeding a baby is one of the problems most parents face and they are always worried about why my baby is anorexic and not eating well. Feeding the baby has certain principles and should be done patiently to prevent the child from developing anorexia.

There should be a good time to feed the baby and the baby should be allowed to participate in the feeding.

Knowledge about feeding the baby

From 9 to 12 months, the child likes to be involved in the eating process and to participate in it. So it is better to give the child a spoon when feeding.

A soft spoon that does not damage his gums so that he can play or touch his food a little while we feed him. But the child’s reaction at this age to food is such that he tries to spell it, rubs it on his face or hands and enjoys it very much, or squeezes and crushes the food in his hand.

It is better not to react to these behaviors because he is recognizing food and going through the process of evolution. These behaviors are normal and you do not need to be upset or nervous. Do not think to yourself how dirty your child is eating because these behaviors must occur in order for your child to learn the proper way to eat over time. Salt is completely forbidden.

Bad feeding habits

A child’s anorexia can be caused by bad feeding habits

It is better not to use sugar in baby food and just add a little sugar if you want to make porridge.
Children usually eat more slowly than adults, so do not expect a child like you to put a spoon in their mouth one after another. You should consider the time intervals between the spoons more and give him enough time to chew and swallow.

Calm children eat more food than active or hyperactive children. Because children who are very active or have problems with hyperactivity, are too focused on the environment and the process of feeding them can not be continued for a long time, but the food should be eaten in smaller volumes and in a shorter time with more frequency.

This group of children ate. A child under one year of age who also eats complementary foods may develop slight anorexia with complementary foods. This issue occurs for several reasons.

Important causes of anorexia nervosa:

Monotony of food
In most cases, mothers consistently use a type of food to which the child responds positively, for example, the child may have eaten porridge for two weeks.

Do not eat. By interrupting, the mother may not give the food to the baby for a week and replace it with another food or change its shape. For example, in the case of porridge, if he used to give him thick porridge with a spoon, now he can mix it with cow’s milk or his own milk and dilute it a little and give it to the baby with a bottle of milk.

Forcing or neglecting to
feed a child is important and should be done with sufficient care and attention. If the mother due to boredomForcing the child to eat food or not giving enough attention and love to the child while feeding him will cause the child to be reluctant and bored with the process of eating.

Iron deficiency
This important factor can also cause anorexia in the child. Your child’s reluctance to eat may be rooted in iron deficiency, of which we are unaware, and you should consult your child’s doctor.


When your baby is not sleeping well, do not expect him to crave food. It is best to let the baby rest well first and then try feeding him.

Improper time and place
You need to choose the right time and place to feed your baby. Time is better to be constant and to go through a regular routine that the child’s body gets used to. Eating food in an environment that does not have the desired temperature and is too hot or cold affects the child’s appetite. Now that we are approaching spring, if you can take your child outdoors and feed him, it will have a great impact on his appetite and desire.

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