Bad effects of watching television

Manage your children’s loneliness and leisure time and do not let the TV be their only entertainment.

How to entertain kids without TV

In today’s modern world, technology has taken the place of everything in people’s lives and has become the mainstay of all lives. TV is the most accessible entertainment for children these days, but you should know that television is the worst entertainment for your child. By taking into account all the activities that a child does during the day, scientists have been able to identify the most harmful and worst thing that a child can do, and that is nothing but watching TV!

We live in a world where strangers of all kinds (media, television, internet) are allowed to enter our spiritual, mental, and psychological development. If we have come to the conclusion that the absence of television makes the family happier and more united, the important question is how to entertain and make children happy without television.

Entertain kids without TV

1. Turn off the TV when you are alone with children. Hundreds of studies have been conducted on the relationship between watching violence and violent behavior. And often the answer is yes, there is a connection between these.

Every American has seen 200,000 scenes of violence and 16,000 murders on television by the time they are 18 years old. Meanwhile, these scenes cause depression, anger, stress, and negative emotions in the person. Certainly, none of us wants to see our loved ones fat, depressed and stuck in front of a computer monitor or television. However, given our daily lifestyle, television seems to have damaged our psyche.

Bad effects of watching television

Do not fill your child alone with the TV

2. Turn off the TV when you have guests. Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture of ourselves and our mobile phones. When you have guests, actively listen to them and try to entertain them, and have fun with them.

3. Re-manage your time. This time belongs to your family. Make sure you prepare or eat at least one meal with your loved ones. The time to be together is full of joy. Spend time playing, talking, walking, and cooking together. Sing together, learn art, learn languages ​​, and many other things that leave no room for television.

4. Re-manage your kids’ lonely time. There must be a difference between spending time alone with children and spending time with friends. Lonely time is an important time for a child to learn to entertain themselves by painting, writing, making songs, and dancing. In fact, now is the time to learn and practice, the time of music, the time of art, the time of invention. These are all structured activities that can be done at home.

Bad effects of watching television

Manage your kids’ lonely time

5. Allow playing freely. Apart from structured activities, time should also be devoted to free play. At this time, let your child explore, experiment, and be curious about finding new games. Do not buy them new toys and games all the time. Let his imagination run wild.

A child in a room full of toys does not have good thinking and imagination due to visual and intellectual distractions. Psychologists believe that the best toy is an incomplete toy, such as a faceless doll. Perfect toys do the child’s job and leave no room for imagination. While simple and incomplete toys make the child imagine continuing to work and explore.

6. Let the kids go out and play. There must be a balance between being indoors and outdoors. All the kids are excited to see the garden and the garden. Being outdoors allows them to run, explore and breathe. Children who enjoy playing outdoors become adults who enjoy camping outdoors, climbing, and traveling and value animals and the environment. Playing outside the home meets some of the children’s needs such as shouting, running, draining energy, exploring, hiding, and the need for freedom.

7. Invite your friends. Children need many opportunities to learn and develop social skills. Children with high intelligence see the inner connection between people and nature. Playing with children, hitting the ball, playing rocket launcher, and running aimlessly are all keys to creativity and cultivating the mind.

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