Babies born at seven months are more hurried!

Researchers performed a simple test on children and found that babies born at seven months are faster.



Characteristic of children born at seven months

Premature birth is one of the most important concerns of couples, especially young mothers who are waiting for the birth of their child.

According to a recent study by researchers, raisin testing can be used to determine a child’s academic success at the age of eight.

How much patience and endurance do six-month-olds have? How different is their patience and endurance from their peers, and can be born prematurely affect people’s patience or not?


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The patience of children born prematurely

According to a recent study by researchers, a raisin test found that
babies born at seven months old were more hurried and had lower concentration skills.


Raisin test on children

Researchers at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom have developed a test based on how long a 20-month-old baby waits to remove raisins from a container.

“Playing a simple, five-minute game of raisins can be a promising new way to predict a child’s attention span and control,” says lead researcher Dieter Volk.


In this study, researchers collected and analyzed data on more than 500 children born after 25 to 41 weeks of gestation, and assessed their self-control at 20 months. The results of studies of infants born before the end of pregnancy were compared with those of infants who had completed 39 to 41 weeks of gestation.


At the age of 20 months, a container of raisins was placed in front of the child. After three training sessions, the child was asked to wait and whenever told (after 60 seconds) to remove the raisins from the bowl and eat them.

During the study, it was found that children born much earlier picked and ate raisins earlier than scheduled. The follow-up revealed that the children who could not stop their hasty behavior in picking raisins during their childhood did not perform well against their peers seven years later during their studies.


Around the age of 8, these children were assessed by a team of psychologists and physicians using three different behavioral rankings of attention from mothers, psychologists, and the entire research team. Their academic achievements in subjects such as mathematics, reading, and writing were assessed through standardized tests.

The findings showed that the earlier a person is born prematurely, the less deterrent control power he has. As a result, these children had lower concentration skills and poor academic achievement by the age of eight.

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