Avoid giving these foods to your child !!

Kids love foods like hot dogs, smoked sausages, and processed meats. On the other hand, these types of ready-to-eat meat foods contain the carcinogens nitrite and nitrate, artificial colors, saturated fats, sodium (salt) and additives.



Foods that are forbidden for children

In some families the choice of food between parents and children of conflict there, because children prefer foods fast food such as hot dogs, sausages and salami eat while parents want food containing vegetables Choose which is healthier! There are many unhealthy and harmful foods for children and we will mention some of them here. If you want to prepare healthy food at home, ask your children to help you with this , because then you are less likely to not eat food prepared with their cooperation.


Prepared meat dishes and hot dogs
Kids love foods like hot dogs, smoked sausages and processed meats. On the other hand, these types of ready-to-eat meat foods contain the carcinogens nitrite and nitrate, artificial colors, saturated fats, sodium (salt) and additives. In the study, children who ate hot dogs 12 times a month had an increased risk of developing anemia . Packaged and prepared foods that contain processed meats are high in hydrogenated oils and fats. These unhealthy foods are often the main meal for children outdoors.

Artificial juices and flavored drinks

The calories from artificial juices come from the sugar and carbohydrates they contain. Juices are fiber-free, while a whole fruit is high in fiber. Excessive consumption of fruit juices can lead to obesity and tooth decay . It is best to make fruit juices from seasonal fruits at home. Explain the importance of drinking water to children and always have a small bottle of water with them. If your children do not want to drink plain water, you can encourage them to drink plain water by adding a few drops of their favorite fruit juice to plain water. Another healthy drink for children, low-fat milk is rich in calcium, protein and vitamin A are.


Harmful foods for children

The ingredients of most pizzas are sausages, which contain the carcinogens nitrite and nitrate. The use of cheese pizza abundant, makes the pizza has a lot of calories. It is better to make pizza at home; Use wholemeal flour to make the dough, and instead of using sausages, use pieces of meat, chicken, vegetables, and a little pizza cheese and bake it in the oven.

Types of jelly and fruit lozenges
These jelly ingredients contain large amounts of high fructose corn syrup as well as synthetic dyes. If your children do not like to eat fruit, you can give it to your children in different ways, for example, freeze it and then give it to the children. For example, freeze grapes, cherries or cherries or pieces of fruit such as peaches and then give them to children. Kids may love these frozen fruits.

Chips Potato planter
Chips contain a lot of sodium and saturated fats. Some chips contain the carcinogen “acrylamide”. You can substitute fresh and chopped vegetables, popcorn and baked potatoes for chips that are harmful to children.

French fries
French fries are another favorite snack of children, while French fries are high in fat, high in calories and high in sodium (salt) and fried in hydrogenated oils that contain trans fats. be. In addition, research shows that starchy foods , such as potatoes at high temperatures, produce a carcinogen called acrylamide. Instead of french fries, you can give your children carrots or thin celery stalks . Baked potatoes with a little olive oil can also be a healthy snack for children.

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