At what age should we get mobile for children?

At what age should we get mobile for children? Is it dangerous to use mobile phones and tablets for young children? Join us to find out the best age to buy a mobile phone and tablet.



At what age should we get mobile for children ?

Many parents think that a cell phone is as important and necessary to their children as any other accessory, and they see it as a way to keep their children up to date. They believe that their child communicates more easily with others in this way and easily connects with the outside world, but they are unaware that they separate their children from the living world and enter the virtual world that is easy on the mind. Controls children.

According to the latest study by Elizabeth L.K., experts at the Bridjwater Center, one in five children will own a cell phone or tablet after the age of eight. His study of 20,000 children in Massachusetts found that about 20 percent of boys and 18 percent of girls bought a cell phone after completing their third year of elementary school.
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Appropriate age for mobile phones for children

This percentage has risen to 39% for girls and 83% for boys after primary school, which is a big alarm for parents. “I’m afraid that one day technology will overtake human interaction,” says Einstein. On such a day, the world will have a generation of fools.
“When we ask parents if they think these young ages are suitable for cell phone use, unfortunately no one can give the right answer,” he said.
Perhaps the best age to buy a phone for your children is high school. Girls and boys at this age are no longer children and can distinguish good from bad to some extent. Of course, it is necessary for parents to accompany their child by providing detailed advice.

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