A suggestion to reduce labor pain

Reducing labor pains and having a comfortable and painless delivery is a concern for pregnant women, especially in the last months. Hear how to give birth painlessly and give birth in water, etc. from a gynecologist.



A way to reduce labor pain

Reducing labor pain with the correct and recommended methods is related to choosing the type of delivery, which a gynecologist has briefly and usefully presented the points that you read in this article.

In painless labor, after the actual pain begins, numbness enters the spinal cord gradually and continuously, giving birth in this method is painless. Regarding other methods of reducing pain, he said: “Injecting painkillers is also one of the ways to reduce pain, but most of the time, these painkillers are narcotics and cause harm to the baby and mother.” Therefore, non-narcotic painkillers should be used.

labor pain

Reduce labor pain with a new method

Water birth is another type of natural childbirth that slightly reduces pain and is more effective in childbirth. Emphasizing that a normal delivery is better than a cesarean section, and that cesarean section should be performed only in certain special circumstances and according to the doctor, he continued: “In a few cases, a cesarean section should beperformed, for example, the mother’s pelvis should be small. Or the baby comes on foot.

The obstetrician explained: “There is also a risk in a normal delivery, for example, the possibility of bleeding, which is the most important cause of death, or infection of the site; But the risk of cesarean section is higher and higher, so we recommend a normal delivery.


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